History of roulette?

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Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning “small wheel “. The tradition to use a spinning wheel goes back to the Greco-Roman period when roman soldiers used to spin chariot wheel to determine winner.

Coming to the gaming part the players may choose to place bets on single numbers or various grouping of numbers the colours red or black whether the number is odd or even or the number are high or low (19-36)(1-18) and for knowing the winner number and croupier spins a wheel in one direction then spins a balls in the opposite directions around the outer edge of the wheel and the ball loses momentum passes through an area of deflectors and falls into 37 single o French roulette or 38 double zero American style roulette coloured and number of pockets on the wheel. Roulette game sometimes believed to be a mix of two popular games in 17th centuries in Europe. Italian ‘Hoca ‘game.

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Roulette Anatomy

English ‘E-O’ game i.e odd and even and both involved spinning a wheel and betting on the outcome of the spin. ANCESTORS of Roulette:-Roulette in French means small wheel and the ancestors supposed to be English namely “Roly Poly “,Hoca and E-O as these all are similar in gaming part Let’s look at the hypothesised ancestors here is an extract from memoris of Casanova dated 1763”just then all ladies were mad over biribi a regular cheating game.

It was strictly forbidden at genoal it appears that 3 numbers were picked out of bag each turn and Casanova goes on to say “the board had 36 compartments and if one lost one paid 32times the amount of the stake this of course was an enormous advantage for the bank Hoca game played with card with 30 points and thirty balls and it was something like roulette.

E-O this game was popular in 1770 until it was banned by statute around 1782 the EO is the ancestors of roulette if it was went by another name i.e Roly Poly. History. Goes back to 1655 when french scientist blase Pascal the man in the gambling world the notorious scientist is believed to be creator of roulette wheel. The French scientist blase Pascal created a perpetual motion machine. At first it was just a game means monasteries as a way of entertainment but soon after it moved to all French casino. The game was thought to be entertaiment for glamorous and intelligent visitors. Later on in 1843,francois and Luisblanc opened the first casino in Hamburg German which had single zero roulette game. There is a legend that Francois and Luis Blanc traded their souls exchange of secret of roulette this legend is often followed by The fact that if you add the number on roulette wheel together you get 666which is the number of the beast. In the 1860s gambling game were banned in Germany so the blance moved to monte carlo and turned it into the real Europe an gambling centre. In Monte Carlo single zero roulette becomes extremely popular and despite the fact that roulette version with extra double zero slots and higher house edge was also known among gamblers