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Can i buy 1st program 550EUR and make money for the 2nd program and so on?

NO! i give assistance only in the DVD 5000 EUR and to make 5000 euros you need the DVD 5000 EUR.You can try to make money even 5000 euros with the minipack 1st program and 2nd program but you don’t have my support.

Can i play LIVE or only RNG?

YES Both roulette are working with the same patterns and algorithm LIVE OR RNG is the same things sensors and electronic systems.There is an contingency the 1st program 550EUR is working only in RNG fast mode because you must wait some patterns but the rest is easy and for ALL ROULETTE.Anyway i suggest you the DVD5000EUR for full support and knowing the error roulette are making

Do i get refund if is not working?

All my Students have refund policy but there is not the case because i realy know to beat roulette and once you get the DVD5000EUR you will understand me that i beat roulette 100%.For those who search refund only for no reason well thats not gonna be happen because i assist you till you start making money so like that you cannot say that i did not help you….so refund is there but you will not gonna need it because i help you 100%.REMEMBER the Training is only for the DVD500EUR.

Are You a scammer?How do i know you dont scam me?

I have 700videos on youtube were i show myself and when you payme i give you my Full details adress and real name so you have all the details for reporting me if i scam you.You cannot put me in the same place with scammers when a scammer does not show himself and does not giving you real name and adress.Watch bellow the bank account details you have my Full Name and Adress so do not compare me with idiots scamers from the internet.I help people since 2010 and im doing for so long because I Am Honest – NO SCAM RESIST FOR 9 YEARS.

NAME : Buzan Adrian Viorel
IBAN : RO21BRDE130SV04373311300
BANK ADRESS : BRD – BRD Marasti, Cluj Napoca
Bd.21 Decembrie 1989 81/83 Cluj Napoca / ROMANIA – (€)
PERSONAL NUMBER +40.757.423.913
MY PERSONAL ADRESS Strada Teodor Mihali 39-43
E-Mail :
CITY : Cluj Napoca
once you make the payment you get a downloadble link here or via email

What Guarantee i have that your system works?

You can see my results from youtube channels or here on this website watch all videos and you will have the guarantee.I am a Company i cannot cheat people and that why i am still here after 9 years.